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Reinventing the Data & Analytics Marketplace



MyDataOracle is creating a universal data and analytics value exchange platform built with secure blockchain, API and smart contract technology


We are building a secure Blockchain, API and Smart Contract enabled marketplace that:

  • Provides consumers, small & medium sized businesses with the ability to:

    • Control and manage the distribution and access to their own data; and

    • Be compensated directly by B2C & B2B advertisers, marketers, product, service and solution providers across multiple industries.

  • Enables product, service and solution providers to:

    • Design, develop & deliver campaigns, products & services, tailored to meet their customers & prospects individual needs, requirements, delivery preferences & financial capacity.

  • Reduces exposure & risk to 3rd party aggregated data hacking e.g., the recent Equifax data breach, as data remains under the control of the owner at the original source. 

  • Enables compliance with the May 25th 2018 implementation deadline for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, eliminating exposure risk to potential fines of €20M or 4% of global revenue

1801 Robert Fulton Drive Suite 180 

Reston VA 20191

What we do
For Data Users

MyDataOracle is creating a

Customer Centric and Consent Driven

blockchain & API enabled marketplace

Delivering secure, verifiable & permissioned consumer, small & medium sized business big data directly from the source

Creating a gap between product and service providers and their prospects and customers resulting in 

 Reduced data accuracy & relevance


Increased decisioning time & cost

3rd party data aggregators and advertising & marketing platforms have turned consumer and small business customers into their product

The Solution
The problem
Data Owner Valua
How it Works

Customers & Prospects: Provide tiered levels of data detail, update & validation / verification access permissions & associated value exchange requirements &/or preferences.

MyDataOracle: Provides, maintains & manages the data access, validation / verification API’s access & the value exchange smart contracts & platform.

Product & Service Providers: Utilize the platform to compensate customers & prospects for access to & use of directly sourced & validated data for enhanced efficiency, accuracy & speed of product & service design, analytics, decisioning & delivery

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